When Marty, the owner of The Brookdale Zoo, is suddenly faced with the prospect of having to shut down this beloved town icon for lack of funds he turns to Jesus to keep his hopes alive. Somehow, he must come up with a ton of cash in just a few short weeks to keep his father's dream alive and save the zoo, but there's a huge problem--nobody goes to the zoo in the cold of winter! Miss French, the town's new bank manager, must have the payment no later than....December 25th.

The zebra and his group of monkeys, big mama, little tiger, and poor old ostrich--where will the animals go if the zoo is closed? All seems lost when suddenly Marty has an incredible idea. Will Marty and his assistant Hank be able to pull it off before Christmas? Will Miss French use her authority to shut down the zoo? In the midst of these difficult questions Marty calls out to Jesus and discovers THERE IS A HOPE.

Sharing Our Memories

We have had some spectacular and memorable productions over the years and we would love to share our pictures with you. Below are a collection of slideshows from the most recent Tree productions. Choose the year you would like to view, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

What to Expect From The Singing Christmas Tree

Celebrate the miracle of the holidays with the Life Center Singing Christmas Tree. Since it's beginning in 1963, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed the magic of Christmas. This seasonal extravaganza features festive Christmas carols, dancers, singers, thousands of twinkling lights, elaborate sets, a full orchestra, original music, and a dramatic storyline. Experience the awe-inspiring grandeur of the living Nativity; the birth of a Baby born in a lowly manger, surrounded by live animals, Kings, and angels. The Tree has inspired, uplifted, and created wonderful holiday memories that lasts a lifetime.

At Life Center, we are focused on supporting our coummunity, and there are fun opportunities for you to get involved in making a difference this holiday season. We also have a full service cafe' to enjoy warm holiday drinks and treats.

Join us this Christmas, but don't come alone, bring your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. This presentation is a treat for everyone young and old! So get your tickets early so the spirit of Christmas will be with you all season long!